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Welcome to BuildersTALK™ -- where builders, designers, and homeowners ask questions and share answers on everything from architecture to zoning. This is a public forum for all ages; please use professional judgment when phrasing questions and replying to others.


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leafgaurd virsus leafscreener jeffandtracey@iprimus.com.au 04 Jun 2007
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large shed pier foundation frost upheaval help gheinrich@gmail.com 23 May 2007
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Foundaton settling - time question jean.hullihan@louisville.edu 02 Apr 2007
24 Ft span Beam Mfg4Profit@aol.com 01 Apr 2007
thermal guard window adjustments needed cckramer@alltel.net 31 Mar 2007
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Masonite mike.sullivan@watson.com 19 Mar 2007
sealing an interior brick wall charlie_alto_opks@yahoo.com 19 Mar 2007
Plastic/false/artificial Oak Beam kimbrabin@hotmail.com 19 Mar 2007
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Building a bridge to span a stream plm1@localnet.com 15 Mar 2007
foundation r73toy@wmconnect.com 13 Mar 2007
Shotcrete Contractor in San Mateo Co (SF Bay AreaO patjfree2002@yahoo.com 13 Mar 2007
Restaining jd2brown@hotmail.com 08 Mar 2007
LVL Floor beams cwbjs@comcast.net 05 Mar 2007
removing old carpeting on basement floor oscarjon1959@yahoo.com 03 Mar 2007
Steel I-beam simsrm@verizon.net 24 Feb 2007
color lok siding aarebel@bis.midco.net 22 Feb 2007
house leveling/foundation brainbow@sbcglobal.net 21 Feb 2007
Minimize Vaulted Drywall Ceiling Cracks eddier@sandlinhomes.com 20 Feb 2007
shower door caulk bettygarvey@roadrunner.com 18 Feb 2007
TREATED LUMBER FOR BOARD AND BAT SIDING ad2dspt@chevron.com 16 Feb 2007
Horse back riding arena ycurtis2@yahoo.com 12 Feb 2007
thermal gard windows cupotea@iowatelecom.net 11 Feb 2007
building preferences, wood, metal or cinder block fmjams@bellsouth.net 10 Feb 2007
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Replace a rotten center beam in the besement kehml00@yahoo.com 29 Jan 2007
Opening up a load bearing wall on Ballon Construction pdesocio@iowatelecom.net 28 Jan 2007
Removing and existing stud wall dholder@envirosafe.com 27 Jan 2007
foam under my roof tiles. noadsread@modeltford.net 24 Jan 2007
Room addition/basement attached to slab taz@fuse.net 24 Jan 2007
Old farmhouse` clabonte@engineersconstruction.com 24 Jan 2007
Removing support Wall to expand LR, need beam specs fantazyland@yahoo.com 24 Jan 2007
TV over Fireplace justice123@copper.net 23 Jan 2007
TV over Fireplace justice123@copper.net 23 Jan 2007
Obtaining international building material mity20012002@yahoo.com 22 Jan 2007
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new house--sagging floor captsmith@charter.net 20 Jan 2007
Support Beam bob.berlin@comcast.net 18 Jan 2007
Bathroom Ventilation yocum55@insight.rr.com 17 Jan 2007
Windsor One Exterior Trim - Finger Joint Failure nlevlocke@quecheelakes.com 17 Jan 2007
The use of plywood versus hardyboard in the building of a house. ekoj@aol.com 17 Jan 2007
Windows jmcls6454@yahoo.com 16 Jan 2007
Raising/Vaulting Ceilings the_stottlemyres@hotmail.com 15 Jan 2007
building a basement onto an additional room on a 1 story house morningstarflwr@yahoo.com 15 Jan 2007
sagging floor joists njexit74@aol.com 14 Jan 2007
Slab Foundations joe.comeau@sympatico.ca 13 Jan 2007
Furnace fresh air apexcontractingmk@hotmail.com 12 Jan 2007
Room additions kekeheyward@yahoo.com 12 Jan 2007
Supporting a basement ceiling with a beam using no jack posts Mitchl27@sbcglobal.net 08 Jan 2007
popcorn ceiling Leftwing80@juno.com 07 Jan 2007


















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