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EZ Construction Manager and EZ HomeBuild
Project Management Software

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Product EZ Construction Manager EZ Homebuild CPM
Price $689 $489
Shipping FREE Shipping - Limited offer!
Designed for Building Professionals with Multiple Customers Advanced Owner/Builders
Format CD-ROM for MS-Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME, 98
Customer Management

Import Materials Lists  
Critical Path Scheduling
Spreadsheet Task Scheduling
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Construction Project Management Software
for Professional Builders, Remodeling Contractors and Project Managers

Take charge of all your building projects today with EZ Construction Manager's powerful package of construction management software!

EZ Construction Manager 'quick start' software contains all the tools you need
to succeed with all your building projects. Quickly and effectively plan, organize, estimate, communicate, manage, schedule, and control all your building activities and costs -- all from one easy-to-use application.

Only EZ Construction Manager gives you these 'quick start' advantages:

Organized in building sequence and using familiar ‘building formats,’  quickly and easily manage and control all building activities and costs-from initial planning to final punchlist.

Three (3) Project Management resources integrate all of your information into one software package:

  • Construction Information - documents, weblinks, and reports advise what to do and when during the Pre-construction and Construction phases.
  • Software Tools - screens and reports where you record, calculate, organize, select and communicate information to manage all people, activities and building costs.
  • Documents Management - easily organize, open and distribute all of your computer files (docs, forms, spreadsheets, images, etc.) related to each of your Jobs, Customers, Vendors, Costs, Subjects, and more.

It is customizable & expandable to suit your particular needs. Add your own information in various parts of EZ Construction Manager all organized in construction sequence.

EZ Construction Manager comes with Free Support and our 20-day guarantee -
which means you have nothing to lose and successful Project Management to gain! (we receive under 1 support call per 25 users!)

Quick List of Features below:

Construction Information Project Mgt. Software Tools
  • Project Management Overview
  • Formula for Success
  • Pre-construction Planning:
    -Site Selection
    -Architectural Plans & Specs
    -Estimating & Bid Process
  • Construction Info Weblinks
  • Cost "Info" documents
  • PM/Consultant Agreements
  • Threshold Forms & Contracts
  • Construction Scheduling Tasks
  • Building Codes Checklist
  • Customizable/Expandable
  • Learn about all features by clicking Software Overview
  • Complete Checklist Estimating
  • CPM (Critical Path) Scheduling
  • Files Management
  • Quotes Recording
  • Selections Recording
  • Actual Costs & Variances
  • Vendor Payments & Info
  • Customer Payments & Info
  • Payments & Receipts Register
  • 'Exportable' Reports
  • Change Orders & Signature Form
  • Backup your files
  • Customizable & Expandable
  • EZ-QuickBooks
    Integration Package
  • Use your PDA to view/edit files

Whether you are planning one home, a development of homes,
or a major remodeling project, EZ Construction Manager is an indispensable tool to help you manage the building and remodeling process successfully.

EZ Homebuild puts you “in the know and in control” — Prepares, organizes and advises you throughout both the Pre-construction and Construction phases of your project. Provides all the Project Management Tools you need to be organized, efficient and in control. All your information is organized in EZ to find construction sequence.

Customize & expand EZ Homebuild - add your own docs, images, links, forms, spreadsheets, pdf files and share them with your clients or others. 

Use your QuickBooks accounting software by “importing” a file containing EZ Homebuild’s cost items; compare your actual vs. estimated costs in QuickBooks. Enables Builders, Project Managers and Owners to work together more efficiently and productively by providing an organized, educational resource that keeps everyone "in the know" and is available 24/7.

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Finance & Accounting


Project Management

EZ Construction

Homebuilding Project Management Software for Builders, Project Managers and Owner-builders. Puts you in control with all the tools you need in one, expandable and customizable software package.

  • Contractors
  • Project Managers
  • Designers
  • Owner-Builders

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