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Username: BWS
Project Zip: 94063
Project City: Redwood City
Full Function BASELINE: Project Snapshot
This page contains a "snapshot" of your project's vital statistics including name, project location, size and cost.  You'll see cost is broken down into two categories: "Home Construction Cost" and "Total Project Cost"

"Total Project Cost" is your total budget based on all selections.  "Home Construction Cost" excludes Sitework and home Appliances since these are usually excluded when discussing construction costs.

Name: Builders Websource
Project Zip: 94063
Project City: Redwood City
Project State: California
Account Type: Full
Number of Bathrooms: 3
Finished Square Feet: 2,300
Constructed Square Feet: 4,360
Home Construction Cost Subtotal
(excludes Sitework and Appliances):
Home Construction Cost $/SF: $317
Total Project Cost
(includes Sitework and Appliances):