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Username: BWS
Project Zip: 94063
Project City: Redwood City
Full Function BASELINE: Design Choices

This page summarizes the major selections you made related to the home's design characteristics.

Home Type: 2 Story (e.g., Colonial, Tall Posted Cape)
Proportion: 2:1 (Rectangular-Typical)

Predominant Roof Style: Hip roof
# of Reverse Gables: 2
Average Roof Pitch: 4:12 (4" rise over a 12" run)
Average Roof Overhang: 1'-0"

FINISHED SF: 2,300 sq. ft
CONSTRUCTED SF: 4,360 sq. ft
2 Story Home Type: Full 2 Story (full height 2nd level exterior walls)
1st Floor Living Area SF: 1,500 (excluding Breezeway)
No "bump out": 1,500
Part of 1st Floor 'bumps out" or extends from main body of house: 400
1st Floor Ceiling Height: 9'-0"
2nd Floor Ceiling Height: 8'-0"
SF of the 2nd Floor Open to Below: 150
2 Story Home; Partial 2nd level floor: 800 (Has "Open to Below" Floor Area)
Partially vaulted (cathedral) 2nd Floor ceiling SF: 200
SF of Flat Ceiling over "Open to Below" area: 150
SF area of 1st floor having vaulted ceilings (2 Story): 150 (Not including any open to the 2nd level)